Jessica Lake

As our Director of Marketing and all things social, Jessica brings her brilliant creativity and attention to detail.  She loves to surf, hike and is a certified yoga teacher. 


Matthew Landry

As the Project Manager at Monarch, Matt brings craftsmanship back into the world of real estate.  Coming from a long line of skilled carpenters, his artistry is a gift to our clients

Male Portrait

Jessie Hernandez

Jessie is a "jack-of-all-trades" and we love him for that!  There's nothing that he can't fix, repair, or recreate.  As our Lead Maintenance Tech, he will turn those annoying tech issues with all your "smart" appliances into a "no brainer."  We also love him because he brings his pit bull Jake with him every day!

Female Entrepreneur

Levon Jackson

As our Head of Concierge, Levon brings over 20 years of Concierge experience to our team.  She brings a sense of calm in everything she does and her creativity in creating amazing experiences for our clients is fun to watch.  She's a mom of 2 boys, a lizard and her sweet kitty Princess.


Our Real Estate Concierge Team

Mallory Fowler I Atlanta, GA

Laurent Kupier I Monaco

Woman in Grey Suit

Anne Walters I Dallas, TX

Stacy Weaver I Miami, FL

Raven Plata I London


Bill Hays I La Jolla, CA

Man with Beard

Jon Wilks I Aspen, CO

Natalia Lanksy I New York

Woman in Suit

Stephanie Davis I Jackson, WY